We Are Owls

Raised in New York City, designer Ling Chen has been exposed to diverse cultures and traditions since childhood.  The eclectic mix of people and neighborhoods that she found herself surrounded by helped her visualize the world the way owls do, 360 degrees at a time.  Combining her natural instincts with her training in Fashion Design and Illustration from the acclaimed Parsons School of Design, she entered the industry with a keen sense of creative understanding and unique imagination.

Her Background in knits began as the head designer of New York based label, Yarnz.  As a result of her success in the position, the label launched a sister collection called The Breed, in which she also took upon the role as Design Director.   Today, she has partnered up with two childhood friends to bring us a piece of her world in We Are Owls – a collection of scarves that perfectly combine the complexities of style and art. 


Launching for the Fall 2010 season, We Are Owls was dreamt up by three friends who always put fashion and art in the same sentence.  The collection was designed to go beyond accessorizing and practicality, and becomes a reflection of emotions.  Like the nocturnal owl, the founders find themselves aware at all hours of the night and embrace the beauty within dark obscurities.  Emulating the birds of prey, We are Owls brings us a sense of mystery and make their presence as alluring as it is chilling – as enchanted as it is haunting.  The collection carries us into a fantastical world where the lines of distress and desire are blurred. Like its nearly silent counterpart, We are Owls has caught us off-guard with a stunning collection of carefully developed printed scarves constructed with the finest of cashmere yarns.