Intentionally ________.

“INTENTIONALLY__________.” was created in 2014 in Los Angeles and shares roots between California and Brooklyn, New York. This lifestyle brand was created by young tastemaker and shoe veteran Ty McBride, whose talent has put some major shoe brands on the map. With this solo project, the intention is simple: to create shoes which inspire you to take your own personal style to the next level. Each shoe is meant to work with its owner’s favorite fashion staples and personal twists. Ty’s line is here to build upon what you already love.

The “INTENTIONALLY__________.” client is not defined by social norms, nor detoured by gender expectation. While McBride admits he has style inspirations, influencers and an even bigger list of crushes, his true intention is that within each purchase you find a piece of yourself. When asked about the main themes you’d see in his collection, McBride smiled and said, “I love a streamlined combination of very dumpy silhouettes, unpretentious pieces with inspirations from menswear, vintage and using interesting materials to update and twist classics.” Adding, “I want to change the game.”