L CARÈNE is a Hong Kong based boutique that was founded by a man who dedicated his entire life to providing the best classic wardrobe for women. He had two daughters, and it was always a dream of his to one day dress a young contemporary customer just like them.

Today his two daughters, Carol and Carina are the brainchild behind the brand. Their goal is to not only persevere, but to build on to the original concept of L CARÈNE that their late father has left behind for them.

The sisters spent most of their lives living between Hong Kong and New York and are both obsessed with the city of Paris. L CARÈNE is inspired by all three cities: the uniqueness of a Hong Konger, the effortless style of a Parisienne, and the practicality of a New Yorker.

In addition to its namesake label, L CARÈNE provides pieces from hard-to-find contemporary designers from Australia, United States, Paris and many more.